Introducing the Natural Language to SQL API

How Dataherald Makes Natural Language to SQL Easy
Dataherald Team
February 12, 2024

We're excited to release the hosted API for Dataherald’s natural language to SQL engine. You can try it now – no fees, no credit card, no sales pitches, just get the API key and get going. Try it now with $50 in free usage credits.

Helping developers build natural language data querying into any product

The Dataherald hosted API allows you to add business context from various sources (such as data dictionaries, dbt, Confluence docs, Google docs), identify relevant data tables, fine-tune NL-to-SQL LLMs specific to your data, and to assess confidence levels in AI-generated SQL – all with a few simple API calls.

With the Dataherald hosted API you can:

  • Explain Your Data: Feed in dictionaries, docs, schemas - we'll understand your business context.
  • Train Your AI: Fine-tune an LLM (including GPT-4) specifically for your data, increasing accuracy and lowering latency
  • Trust the Answer: See confidence scores with each AI-generated query, stay in control.
  • Conduct complex SQL queries

Dataherald integrates with major data warehouses, including PostgreSQL, Databricks, Snowflake, BigQuery, and DuckDB.

If you are tired of wrangling with prompts to get NL-to-SQL to work, try out Dataherald.

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