The generative AI for Natural Language to SQL

Empower your business teams to self-serve data requests via our Slack App or embed NL-to-SQL right  into your product with our versatile API

Seamless Database Integrations

Provide real-time access to data inquiries 

Dataherald automates data retrieval and analysis through natural language queries, empowering users to access the information they need faster

Works with your existing data warehouse

Seamlessly integrate your data infrastructure, leveraging your existing data warehouse for enhanced data consistency and reliability

Add context from your enterprise docs

Dataherald enhances data analysis with contextual understanding from enterprise documents, leading to more comprehensive insights and better-informed decision-making

Manage all your incoming data questions from one dashboard

Secure queries that only access your metadata, ensuring privacy and security
Active learning and context stores, improving accuracy and speed over time
Set confidence thresholds for human-in-the-loop verification of SQL
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AI with transparency

Every question and query is logged in the admin console, including the full LLM prompt transcripts - nothing is opaque to your data team.

Always in sync with your data

When database schemas and structures change, Dataherald AI doesn’t miss a beat - our engine updates to your schema changes with a single click.

Combine self-learning with human guidance

Dataherald AI gets faster and more accurate with the amount of questions it answers over your data, but can also be directly guided by human comments and descriptions in the console. 

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