Query your structured database in natural language

Enable business users to get answers to ad hoc data questions in seconds – No SQL needed

Product manager asking data analytics question to Dataherald AI on Slack, Dataherald AI answering by providing information and chart
Seamless Database Integrations

Free up your data team from low value work

Dataherald automates data retrieval and analysis through natural language queries, empowering business users to access the information they need faster

Works with your existing data warehouse

Seamlessly integrate your data infrastructure, leveraging your existing data warehouse for enhanced data consistency and reliability

Add context from your enterprise docs

Dataherald enhances data analysis with contextual understanding from enterprise documents, leading to more comprehensive insights and better-informed decision-making

Manage your entire team's data questions from one dashboard

Secure queries that only access your metadata, ensuring privacy and security
Active learning and context stores, improving accuracy and speed over time
Set confidence thresholds for human-in-the-loop verification of SQL
Dashboard mockup

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