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Our Story

Dataherald was born from our own experience of spending too much time and money waiting for data engineers to give us the data that we needed in the formats we wanted. We decided it was time to make external data accessible to all organizations, not just the largest ones. 

We built Dataherald to allow companies to unlock the power and value of external data faster, and at a low-cost. We do this by finding and cleaning datasets behind the scenes, so you can jump straight to the analysis. Our easy to use visualizations mean you never have to worry about the data engineering work to get there.

Meet the people behind
the product

Anuj Saigal
Co-Founder & CEO
Amir Zohrenejad
Co-Founder & CTO
Nick Molter
VP of Operations
Ainesh Pandey
VP of Data Science & AI
Juan Valacco
Senior Software Engineer
Tatiana Cricun
QA Analyst
Stone Yu
UX Designer
Juan Carlos Camacho
Software Engineer
Leo Ungaro
Software Engineer
Mohammadreza Pourreza
Software Architect
Dishen Wang
Software Engineer

Our core values

Be customer-obsessed

Solving customer problems is what keeps companies alive. We develop and maintain strong empathy for our customers, regardless of team and function.

Champion the mission

We are dedicated to helping companies make the most of their data. We believe that data is a force for good and that people can make better decisions when equipped with the right data.

Openness and Candor

We believe that each team member is on a journey to reach his/her full potential. And that this is best done in an environment where information sharing is a first principle and where giving/receiving candid feedback is a responsibility of every team member.

Pursue your best self

We understand that work is only a portion of your life. We encourage and empower everyone to cultivate other parts of your life that give you joy – physical health, mental health, spiritual pursuits, and/or community involvement.

Our Advisors

Manuel Mörbach
President & CEO
Statista, Inc.
Jon Tien
Head of Engagement
New York Times
Regina Buckley
The Guardian U.S.
Ryan Singel
Contextly (ex.
Patrick Lee photo
Patrick Lee
Co-Founder & Former CEO
Rotten Tomatoes
Colin Mutchler
Senior Product Manager

Our Investors

Y Combinator
BDMI Bertelsmann Digital Media Investments
Amino Capital
Aperiam Ventures
Garage Technology Venture

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