Embed Text-to-SQL into your product

Deploy Dataherald’s natural language-to-SQL API in minutes with a few lines of code. Get started free.

Unlock text-to-SQL from your existing database to any SaaS App

Configure the Dataherald engine in minutes and deploy it in your application with a few lines of code with our hosted API

State-of-the-art agent delivers highest accuracy SQL

We combine custom agents with fine-tuning and built-in evaluation to deliver fast and accurate text-to-SQL performance

Create a semantic layer from your existing resources to inject context

Capture your unique business context by adding instructions directly to tables, columns or the entire databases

Built by developers for developers

Configure and observe every query, model, and fine-tuning from our admin console

Backed by Top Investors

Y Combinator
BDMI Bertelsmann Digital Media Investments
Garage Technology Venture
Amino Capital
Aperiam Ventures


Built-in Evaluator

Monitor your model’s performance over time and enable feedback learning with Dataherald’s customer evaluator

Open Source

Start building with no strings attached - our open source community has 100+ deployments and counting

Fine-tuning support

Improve accuracy and latency with fine-tuning. GPT 3.5 and GPT 4 finetuning supported

Usage-based pricing

For self-serve users, pay for only what you need - no minimums or plan fees


Dataherald integrates seamlessly into your existing data stack within minutes

Synthetic Data Generation

Improve agent performance by fine-tuning on synthetic data

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