Before Dataherald
Editor-in-chief of New York Daily News, Robert York, says that while Tribune Publishing could create basic graphics and data visualizations, they were “nothing to the level of interactivity, clean and easy-to-read design elements that Dataherald delivers.” Data discovery was also difficult, and Dataherald has since provided datasets and data visualizations “beyond what [Tribune] even knew was accessible.”
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Transitioning to Dataherald
Implementation was smooth. Robert notes that each Tribune property had “nearly unlimited access to [the Dataherald team] not only via video conference and dedicated [messaging] channels”, but also through weekly meetings. This helped ensure that Tribune properties were delivering data visualizations to their readers within “days, not weeks, after the initial conversations.” The Dataherald team is “fanatical about the precision and accuracy of their datasets and their presentations.”
With Dataherald
Before partnering with Dataherald, Tribune often felt “the frustration of seeing much larger news organizations like the NYT and Bloomberg own the data visualization space.” Audiences are increasingly “craving context and relevance in reporting.” Dataherald helped Tribune Publishing alleviate this pain. On one hand, the data visualizations and analysis help readers better comprehend complicated stories, and on the other, they help Tribune grow engagement. Dataherald is “allowing us to take our game up several levels.”

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