Before Dataherald
Denise Lockwood, owner and publisher of the Racine County Eye, did “a ton of manual work and would spend hours working on COVID data coverage, limiting the number of articles that had data.” Although she tried to use data viz software, none of them came with the necessary datasets. This presented challenges: daily updates were inefficient, and Denise “didn’t have confidence in the data’s integrity.”
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With Dataherald
Denise can now focus on reporting about the context surrounding the numbers, rather than the numbers themselves. She believes this has made a huge difference in the reader experience, as the combination of Dataherald’s data visualizations and her explanations are able to “crystallize understanding of certain stories for readers.”
Dataherald’s Impact
Data visualizations automatically update every day, so there is no need for any manual work from the team at Racine County Eye. Denise feels that Dataherald has alleviated a major pain point, saying: “Quite frankly, I wouldn’t have used nearly as much data content in my reporting without Dataherald.”

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