Before Dataherald
Before Dataherald, Advocate rarely used data visualizations. When they did, it was generally only if there were several months of lead time. Jehadu Abshiro, the Publisher at Advocate, states that they, like many small newsrooms, “simply did not have the bandwidth to create compelling, effective, and user-friendly data visualizations.”
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Transitioning to Dataherald
Transitioning to using Dataherald was a smooth and seamless process for Advocate. Jehadu notes that “the team is easy to work with and quick to respond, while the data visualizations themselves are also quick to implement and compatible with a variety of content management systems.”
With Dataherald
Now, accessing data is much simpler for Advocate. Jehadu says they are now able to provide the same information to their readers as some bigger publications who actually have data scientists and designers on staff.

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