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Interactive Map Shows Stark Contrast in Fresno-Area Real Estate Market

Interactive Map Shows Stark Contrast in Fresno-Area Real Estate Market
Dataherald Team
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The Fresno area real estate market is showing a stark contrast in sale-to-listing price ratios across different zip codes, according to the latest data from Redfin. While some areas are seeing sale prices higher than their listing prices, other areas are experiencing sale prices significantly lower than their listing prices.This information can provide valuable insights for those looking to stay informed about the local housing market and make informed buying or selling decisions.

For example, homes in zip code 93706 are fetching 0.8% above their initial listing price, making it the area with the highest sale-to-listing price ratio. Meanwhile, homes in zip code 93721 are seeing a decline of 10.9% in sale-to-listing price ratios, making it the area with the lowest ratio.

Homes in the 93725 zip code are also selling for over listing price, with a ratio of 0.51%, while homes in zip code 93727 are experiencing a small decline of 0.21%. On the other hand, homes in zip code 93701 are seeing a decline of 5.63% in sale-to-listing price ratios, and homes in zip code 93625 are selling for 3.7% below their initial listing price.

The reasons behind these differences in sale-to-listing price ratios can be complex and multifaceted, with factors such as the supply and demand of homes in a particular area, the condition of homes, and the local economy all playing a role. It's important to keep these factors in mind when considering buying or selling a home in Fresno and to do your research before making any decisions.

The Fresno area real estate market is constantly evolving, and understanding the sale-to-listing price ratios in different zip codes is just one aspect of this complex market. By staying up-to-date on the latest trends and working with experienced real estate professionals, you can make smart decisions and achieve your real estate goals. Whether you're buying, selling, or just curious about the local market, the sale-to-listing price visualization below is a valuable tool to help you stay informed. So, take a look at the data and see how your zip code stacks up.

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